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Maintenance Program

A Maintenance Program to Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Powers Roofing and Sheet Metal offers a maintenance program with dedicated crews to ensure your roof is taken care of properly throughout its lifespan. The program is designed to identify problem areas on the roof so that repairs can be made in a proactive manner, before costly and disruptive roof emergencies develop.

Preventative maintenance to your roof can be thought of like an oil change to your car. Your car will still run if you don’t change the oil, but the lack of maintenance can affect how the car functions. If you go too long without checking your oil, there is a good chance you’ll find yourself with a costly visit to the mechanic.

We have crews whose only job is to maintain buildings for our clients in all weather conditions. Powers Roofing and Sheet Metal can guide you with an informed roof assessment to keep you up to date with the condition of your roof, how much to budget for future repairs and how to plan ahead for when you will inevitably need to replace the roof.

How Our Maintenance Program Works

When you are on our preventative maintenance program, we schedule a roof inspection once or twice a year. When our crew arrives on site, we check in and consult with a building representative to determine if any leaks have developed, or if any changes have been made to the roof. We then visually inspect your roofing membrane and seams (for roofs with a single ply system such as EPDM, TPO, or PVC) and check to make sure all the roof penetrations and perimeter flashings are secure and tight. On asphalt roof systems, we also check for splits and blisters. As we inspect the roof, we will perform any minor repairs as needed. Additionally, we will clear debris from around drains and or scuppers and remove any other debris that is not a part of the roof system to ensure that they will not cause an issue down the road.

If we encounter an issue on your roof that is larger than what we would consider to be a minor repair (a repair that exceeds a previously arranged price), we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We can either fix the problem immediately or we can help you develop a budget for the additional items to be repaired in a timely manner that is convenient for you.

At Powers Roofing and Sheet Metal, we enjoy building lasting relations with building owners and facility managers alike. As our relationship with you grows so does our knowledge of what you and your roof needs, so we can help serve you better and more efficiently.

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